All Verla products are produced in our factory in Ommen, the Netherlands. This factory has close to 120 years of experience in producing dairy products.

In Ommen, in 1888, Mr. Kramer started buying butter from local farmers and selling butter on the local markets. Together with some other people they decided to build a factory for butter. In 1897 the steam powdered dairy factory in Ommen started. When Mr. Kramer passed away the factory was taken over by Mr. Lubberink.

In 1910 a group of farmers decided to create a co-operative and to buy the factory from Mr. Lubberink. They called it the Cooperatieve Stoomzuivelfabriek “De Vechtstreek” (Co-operative Steam Dairy Factory). The “Vecht” is a river in Ommen. The factory had 241 members (farmers that supplied their milk). It was one of the 379 steam powered cooperative factories.

In 1914 the original wooden building became too small. There was a need for a bigger building, but constructions where postponed because of World War I. In 1915 the butter production came to a stop because the government forced the factory to supply milk to the west of Holland. Milk was transported by train to Amsterdam to feed the citizens. In 1919 a new building was constructed from bricks.

In 1960, the 50 year anniversary of “De Vechtstreek” was celebrated. The factory processed some 21 million kilograms of milk and was one of the larger dairy factories in Holland. In this period there where in total 518 dairy factories (360 co-operative and 158 private). In 1972 the first milk tank was placed at a farm that was a member of “De Vechtstreek”. In 1981 the last farmer changed from milk cans to a milktank. The supply of milk in cans came to a stop. Milk was collected by truck from the farms from now on. 30 years later it started a collaboration with co-operative CONO who eventually sold the factory to our Hyproca Dairy Group (nowadays Ausnutria) in 1996. For the first time in history the factory was a private company. The company name became Ausnutria, but the name “the Vechtstreek” is still proudly worn by the factory.

Nowadays the factory is specialized in the development of organic milk products and goat milk products for the business to business market.

All the products that are produced in the factory are sold by Ausnutria Dairy Ingredients. Ausnutria Dairy Ingredients focusses on the sales and marketing of dairy products for the business to business market and for processing to end products.